you like or you don't, it's up to you.

  • Book the Event

    • Select Site and Location
    • Select Date and Time
    • Select rooms, Equipments, Catering, etc which are needed for this event
    • Use predefined keywords to further narrow down the search results for each resource category
  • RMOBookingForm

    Equipment Booking Tab

    Catering Booking Form


  • Attendees Tab

    • Invite the inernal attendees to the meeting
    • Use People Picker to select the attendees from Active Directory
    • By entering the first letters, People Picker will suggest automatically the accounts
    • Invite the external Attendees
    • Add the external Email addresses of the guests and the visitors
    • Add any comment related to this event



  • Visitor Management

    • Invitation Email is send to the internal attendees
    • Invitation Email is send to the external attendees
    • When Catering or Equipment is booked, coresponding emails for approval are send to approvers
    • in the Visitor Email Google directions with Google Map is added
    • Visitors and Guests can easily find the location and the parking space reserved for the guests and visitors
  • Visitor Invitation Email





    • Visitors arrive at the Desk and can Self Register from the iPad
    • Either they are listed as expected or they can just self regsiter with Photo and Name
    • SMS or email is send to the organizer of the Event that the guest has arrived
    • Visitor can print out the visitor pass
  • Employe Notifications


Approve Reject

  • The Event is booked
  • With all the Details in the All Events List
  • If Content Approval is set ON
  • Content Approval is send to the defined Approvers
  • They can accept or deny the Event Request with all the resource categories
  • From the All Events List, addional commands like Invoicing, and other become available,