Space Management

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  • Room Manager can be used with Mobile Devices (iOS and Android based)

    Room Manager is a web-based meeting room scheduling system that solves the dilemma of booking rooms and other resources and connecting workers to meeting spaces.


  • Reserve spaces, not just rooms

    ROOM MANAGER is a scheduling system that provides a solution that manages open and closed spaces far more effectively than first-come-first-serve.

    Now users can book rooms and reserve meeting spaces knowing there won’t be a conflict, making it easy to get the most out of spaces. ROOM MANAGER provides information about room usage and patterns to help make smarter decisions about meeting spaces. Facility Reporting as well is available.

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  • A Smarter Way to Manage Space, Rooms, Resoucres and Time

    ROOM MANAGER scheduling system keeps track of space and room utilization we can measure and report reservation patterns like occupancy rate and utilization of any kind of resources, not only meeting rooms.

    The Search for space

    The Ongoing Search for Meeting Space

    Confusion often begins before entering the meeting room.

    • An empty room doesn’t always mean an available room.
    • Workers will start a meeting and suddently get stuck, which leads to a search for an alternative meeting space—a ritual that’s as stressful as it is inefficient.
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    100{4b95d205aca094da119fd9d62dbe42802adde15cbe5489df2429e9fbc317030a} NO DOUBLE BOOKING ISSUES UPON DEPLOYMENT OF ROOM MANAGER

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    40{4b95d205aca094da119fd9d62dbe42802adde15cbe5489df2429e9fbc317030a} OF WORKERS WASTE UP TO 30 MINUTES A DAY SEARCHING FOR ROOM SPACE.