Room Scheduling Solution

Rooms, Equipment, Cars, Catering, Park Spaces, Attendees, Visitors

  • RMOMain


  • ROOM MANGER Colored Calender View

    • Month View
    • Week View
    • Day View
    • Mobile Viev

    Each room uses a different Color, which can be set under the site Content in the room picture library

    Check Availability

    Each room can be filtered on the calendar, by clicking the check availability Link:

    Only the bookings for a specfic room are shown on the calendar

    Each free time slot can be directly double clicked to open the booking form for given date and time

  • The Booking Form 

    it lets you select:

    • site
    • location
    • date and time
    • all day Event
    • recurrent Event

    Only the available resources are shown up. double booking is prevented,

    from the search results page, you can further narrow down, by using the tags (Enterprise keywords)

    Enterprise Keyowrds can be set by the room Publisher for each room

    You are free to use any term you want (samples, are seat number, floor, Equipment, Skype ready, room layout, av Equipment etc. any Thing which will help to find the resource easier can be used.

  • RMOBookingForm

  • OAI New 2013

  • Outlook Add In

    You can use as well the Outlook Add In of Room Manager Online to request the Meeting with all the Details direclty from your Microsoft Outlook Clinet

  • Equipment Booking

    Easiy add any Equipment you Need for the Event

    All Equipments are managed in SharePoint List

    All Equipments can be tagged (Keywords)

    This helps to further narrow down the search results


  • Equipment Booking Tab

  • Visitor Management featured

  • Visitor Management

    Invite your attendees like internal employees

    Invite your external attendees, like guests and visitors to the Meeting

    An Invitation email is send to all participants, they can accept or deny the Meeting request send

    All external guests, and visitors get an nicly formatted email, with parking space reserved and Google Directions

    So you can be sure all will find the Location and the Meeting room

  • Visitor Connect

    Make a great first impression to any visitor of your office. Visitor Connect is an separate module of ROOM MANAGER is a great way to welcome guests, allow them to check-in, and to notify employees and the organizer of any event that they are here to see. All of this is done from the beauty and simplicity of an iPad Interface


  • visitor_Connect