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  • Manage all your Resources with ROOM MANAGER in Office 365

    Save Time, Save Money, and Manage Your Resources Better: all kind of resources like cars, meeting rooms, workspaces, events, human resources, parking spaces, workspaces are more are supported.

  • Room and Space booking made easy

    When you manage your facilities and office resources more effectively, more efficiently, you’ll see a positive impact on your bottom line. ROOM MANAGER empowers employees to book resources such as meeting rooms, workstations, vehicles, break-out zones, cars, workspaces, events, teachers, parking spaces right from their desk. And administrators get access to powerful tracking and reporting data that will refine and improve the way the organization runs as a whole. It was never easier to manage all your resources.

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  • Visitor Management Web Part

  • Visitor Management

    ROOM MANAGER Visitor Management Module is a tried and trusted yet innovative solution to visitor management. You get a complete overview of all your visitors, automated notification when they arrive, and they can be out-registered either by the receptionist or the visitor. In office 365 you can easily invite them to the location to the event. A nicely formatted email with Google directions and the parking space reserved is send. They will find you easily and appreciate the directions you gave.

    Who will Benefit from ROOM MANAGER Visitor Management?
    Does your organization ever receive visitors? Of course it does. So, instantly, ROOM MANAGER Visitor Management is a solution for you. And if you have multiple entry points and several sites, you’ll see the value of Visitor Management immediately.

  • Save Time

    Save Time, Save Money, and Manage Your Resources Better: all kind of resources like cars, meeting rooms, workspaces, events, human resources, parking spaces, workspaces are more are supported
    You and your colleagues will save time because everything’s centrally managed, accessible and easy to use. And your organization will save money and time because not only your meeting resources will be managed better. All of them are now accessible by one click. Double Booking of the same resource is no longer supported. ROOM MANAGER checks immediately the availability of any resource after you select the site, location, date and time for the event.

    Outlook Integration. Seamless and Simple

    For users, interacting with ROOM MANAGER to arrange meetings, order catering and reserve other resources is easy because it integrates with Outlook. And it’s there, right in the toolbar. That way, it’s immediately familiar to anyone that uses Outlook. There’s no training required for end users. For IT, it integrates with your existing Outlook solution robustly, so installation is minimal and it will work out of the box. It’s transparent, complete and gives total control over resource booking and allocation

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  • Business Workflows as needed

    You’ll save time because ACAR ROOM MANAGER works with your meeting appointment/invitation and gives you a unique overview of all the meeting rooms available. ROOM MANAGER helps you find the room you need by filtering them based on what you need. How many seats, video-conferencing equipment, projectors and so on. In the same view, you’ll also see the availability of the required attendees. At the same time, you can reserve and order the needed catering services for your meeting as well. One workflow. One process. One solution..

  • Meeting Attendees

    All your meeting attendees from your invitations are automatically stored in ROOM MANAGER and are available from your Active Directory. In this way ROOM MANAGER holds all relevant meeting information for documentation purposes and statistics. Lists and reports can be printed by e.g. receptionists with all meeting attendees for all meetings for the day. When using the ROOM MANAGER Visitor solution the external meeting attendees are automatically pre-booked/pre-registered, so prints of name badges are done even more simple and fast.

    Additional Resources Follow Your Meeting
    Meetings are cancelled, rearranged, recurred, postponed or relocated all the time. That’s why, all the meeting’s assigned resources such as conference rooms, catering, AV equipment, video conferencing facilities, phones, and so on, follow the meeting appointment if it’s rescheduled. So, if a meeting appointment is cancelled, for example, the assigned resources will be released and reallocated.

  • RM Video General

  • Event Manager Head

  • Event Manager Module available in the Enterprise Edition of Room Manager

    Manage all your events, workshops, seminars and invite the guests and employees to the seminar, easily track the available seats for the event and manage automatic booking of the event after the number of available seats are met.

  • Digital Signage and Displays

    Now, everyone can tell at a glance which meetings are happening, when and where – on a display at any meeting room, in reception or from your Outlook calendar. You can interact with ROOM MANAGER Touch easily, without any training – you already know how to use it.

  • Kiosk-&-Signage

  • iOS and Android Support

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    Facility Reports and Room Utilization helps the Manager to see the no Shows and the rentability of the used space. Optimization and Improvement Actions can be targeted. Link

    Facility Reporting Panel

  • Managed centrally to save you time

    The beauty of ROOM MANAGER Touch Display lies in its simplicity of use. You dont need to purchase any device, you dont need to install any software or mobile app. Nothing like that! Just connect YOUR devices, like iPad, iPhone, or Android Devices with the ROOM MANAGER Site. All goes automatically. The ROOM MANAGER Website is scaled down and displayed with all the functionality on the device.

    Reduce Reception Workload
    A receptionist’s work is never done – so here’s a way you can remove the burden of issuing name badges manually and asking visitors to sign in, in a duplicate logbook. With ROOM MANAGER Visitor Management your receptionists can view every visitor, when they’re due to arrive and who they’re coming to see. Printing personal name badges/passes is done with a click of the mouse.

  • ROOM MANAGER Conference Room Displays

    Works with the display devices you want to use.

    If a device can support a browser, it can support Mobile View of ROOM MANAGER. It’s totally hardware agnostic. ROOM MANAGER Mobile View is made up with responsive design and HTML5, so all you need is just to connect the device with the ROOM MANAGER Site. And it’s been carefully designed so it’s completely device independent. so you save money by not having to invest in new equipment.

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