How It Works

  • Select from the Price Table which Version of Room Manager Online Subscription.

    You Need for each user account accessing your Room Manager site one account is needed. Indicate the number of user Accounts you want to purchase and simply checkout.

    • Starter
    • Standard
    • Enterprise

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    Make your Credit Card or PayPal Payment.

    You will get an confirmation email with the Site URL and the Admin Account to Access your Room Manager Site.

    You can share the site to your employees or external users by sharing the site URL.

    End users can Access the Site and start to schedule, and book Meetings.

    All the other Details, depending on your subscription plan are added to the confirmation email.

    YouTube Training Videos will Show you each step, Setting up your site with rooms, Catering, Equipment, conference room Displays, visitor Management and more..

    Still not sure it’s the right solution?

    check out our YouTube Channel “Room Manager explained in 10 minutes” video.

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