Visitor Connect

Make a great first impression to any visitor of your office

Visitor-Connect Make a great first impression to any visitor of your office. Visitor Connect is an separate module of ROOM MANAGER is a great way to welcome guests, allow them to check-in, and to notify employees and the organizer of any event that they are here to see. All of this is done from the beauty and simplicity of an iPad Interface.

IPAD as your digital receptionist

Visitor Connect allows you to easily keep track of who is visiting your office and when they are checking in. There’s no more need to keep track of paper files of visitor logs. Now you can see all of your visitors from any computer with the ease of the Room Manager Solution.


Employee Notifications Don’t keep your guests waiting. Visitor Connect can send SMS or email messages to the employees that your visitors are here to see without the need for a receptionist to track them down. Employe Notifications


Visitor Pass The visitor can register and take a photo off himself and print out the visitor pass.