Room Utilization

Minimize no shows


Simply finding a room or free space in which to hold each of your meetings and events doesn’t mean that you are using your space effectively. Optimizing room and space usage requires the right tools, such as:

Whether you charge for the use of your rooms or not, “no shows” always have a cost associated with them. Lost business, lost productivity, wasted staff time… all can be reduced or eliminated if you minimize no shows.

ROOM MANAGER ONLINE provide features for reminding staff and visitors of their reservations. Send Reminder Email before the Meeting starts, this can be made mandatory, and the organizer of the Event needs to confirm the Meeting, otherwise the Event is cancelled and the resource is given free to others.

And in situations where the room is no longer needed, there is even an option for canceling a reservation simply by clicking a link in the reminder email, thereby turning a no show into an available room!

Can as well be cancelled directly by using the conference room Display Buttons.

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Room Utilization

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