Park Space Management

Reserve the parking Space for your visitors and guests


Driving around and searching a parking space is one thing, but when it comes to business, the more time you or your visitors spend looking for a place to park is time (and stress) most of time.

Our parking space management system allows you to book a parking space for yourself or your visitors quickly and easily.  You can search for and reserve the space you need either on its own or while you’re booking meeting rooms, services, or other resources, making the entire meeting planning process nearly seamless. Room Manager simplifies car parking management while saving you and your company time and money by using keywords for each parking space. You need a Parking Space for an visitor who is handicapped for sample, or comes with a SUV and needs extra space. No Problem, Room Manager can handle all this and simplifies it while making your event as easy simple as possible.

Even if you or your visitors aren’t familiar with the facility, with Room Manager you can easily see where the parking space you reserved is located at the facility, and send an Google Map Directions Help with the reserved Parking Space directions in the email send to your visitors.

See this short Video about the parc space Management