Enterprise Keywords & Tags


Administrators add enterprise keywords to resources on a SharePoint site so that end users can use the keywords for tagging and filter down the search results by using the tags. Enterprise keywords are a good way to capture some of the knowledge of the people who use the content. To make it easy for users to add keywords, you can add a special enterprise keywords column to a list or library. Then, to add a keyword to an item, users just select the item and enter the word or phrase they want in the item properties.

As a Room Manager Administrator you can now tag content. In Room Manager we have rooms, cars, equipment’s, parking spaces, workspaces, etc. which are the content, we call them categories. Easily remember, classify, or share it with others. You can tag on the ROOM MANAGER ONLINE site your rooms for sample, when you apply a tag, your users can apply this Tag later, and filter down their search for a specific room, which has for sample the tag “VIP”.
So you help your users, to discover content of interest, and making the resource booking experience much easier.

keywords rooms

Keywords defined can be than used be the end users to narrow down the search results by using the tags

keywords booking form

Video Enterprise Keywords & Tags