Digital Signage & Kiosk


Meeting Room Touch Screens are a great addition to any workplace. They integrate with ROOM MANAGER ONLINE Booking Solution for SharePoint and Office 365 or link direct to Google Calendar to provide you with a complete and flexible conference and Resource booking solution. Whether you have single location or locations and offices with resources worldwide, ROOM MANAGER Touch can be scaled to your global needs. The Best: you can use any iOS or Android based device and connect simply to the ROOM MANAGER ONLINE site by WIFI and the Room Booking with Floorplans and current meeting will Show up.

As an leader in Microsoft SharePoint partner for technology innovations, ACAR (Switzerland) and his ROM MANAGER ONLINE solution are the only company to offer built-in support for SharePoint and Office 365. With ROOM MANAGER Touch you can instantly start a meeting, book an available room or release a room. The screens can be linked to your current ROOM MANAGER ONLINE site by Internet/Intranet Access. Room booking and management of any resources war never easier. Support for Google Calendar, Outlook Add In are more modules providing a flexible and convenient solution for your room scheduling and resource management needs.