Conference Room Displays

A year ago, a project manager at Swisscom noticed that a conference room on the first floor of the Telecom firm’s Zurich headquarters was overrun, while the other three were often empty. The knowledge came by way of ROOM MANAGER ONLINE, a meeting room management solution that ACAR had recently adopted. When he looked into it, the manager realized that the popular room had a TV that staff liked using for demos. He bought a few more TVs, and the traffic jam disappeared

Its cloud-based room scheduling software (available for Office 365 and SharePoint) allows people to book rooms through their desktops or mobile devices, display bookings on a wall-mounted iPad, and access real-time analytics on how office space is used.

The Solution, ties into Microsoft Exchange and Google Calendars. ROOM MANAGER Displays all Event Information and lets administrators decide whether to allow overbooking or set time limits. Soon, it will let users to check into gatherings, give feedback on meetings and get directions to conference rooms.

As open office environments and telecommuting are growing in popularity, meeting rooms are becoming more important than ever.

Live meeting room displays
See scheduled meetings and people in a space. Book, update, cancel the meeting straight from the device.

Any iOS and Android based devices are supported.

And the best Feature of ROOM MANAGER Conference Room Displays is, that no Mob App or any Software Needs to be installed , the iOS and Android based devices just connect to the live ROOM MANAGER ONOLINE Website by WIFI, that’s all, the ROOM MANAGER site is responsive and fits and scales to the devices end users use. So you can use your current devices to conntect to ROOM MANAGER ONLINE Site.

Conference Room Display