Lots of catering orders? Too much paper? Not enough time?


Does this sound familiar to you or your catering team? If yes then it’s time to bring in the ROOM MANAGER ONLINE Catering Module. Here at ACAR we think people should focus on what they do best. Catering specialists should focus on providing delicious food. While we focus on giving you the best-all-in-one-resource management solution with build in catering ordering.

How our customers make it work as simple as possible, Catering Management made so easy for you!

The Room Manager Catering Management module allows your company and the cafeteria team to easily communicate with each other. Authorized employees can place an order, update it or cancel it. The cafeteria operator has their own access to Room Manager. They can use this to track all orders, adapt menus or generate a distribution planning guide.  ​



Catering List

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Catering Booking Form

Video: See the Catering list where you can manage a your Caterings and the Catering Booking