• Car & Vehicle Management

    Like a room a car is a category, a resource which can be used with the ROOM MANAGER ONLINE solution. With the solution you manage all your cars in different locations to eliminate conflicts and double bookings. With the ROOM MANAGER Outlook Add In, resource scheduling software is extended to enable users to make car […]

  • Conference Room Displays

    A year ago, a project manager at Swisscom noticed that a conference room on the first floor of the Telecom firm’s Zurich headquarters was overrun, while the other three were often empty. The knowledge came by way of ROOM MANAGER ONLINE, a meeting room management solution that ACAR had recently adopted. When he looked into it, the manager realized that the […]

  • Content Approval

    Content Approval can be set in ROOM MANAGER ONLINE easily. Any request for a room reservation or any other category of resource like cars, equipments, spaces, catering,  etc can be set by an Administrator. Content Approval can be even activated based on a a single room Multipel Content Approval based on separate approvers can be activated […]

  • Desk Sharing

    Desk Sharing Work, anywhere. Book from free and unique work and Desk spaces. Book perfect Desks and Cubicles, when you travel, or a flexible workspace nearby.  Discover Work and Desk spaces to rent by the hour, day, or month. Take control of your shared office space. Whether scheduling a room or searching for a free Workspace in […]

  • Digital Signage & Kiosk

    Meeting Room Touch Screens are a great addition to any workplace. They integrate with ROOM MANAGER ONLINE Booking Solution for SharePoint and Office 365 or link direct to Google Calendar to provide you with a complete and flexible conference and Resource booking solution. Whether you have single location or locations and offices with resources worldwide, ROOM MANAGER Touch […]

  • Equipment Booking

    ROOM MANAGER ONLINE equipment booking enables users to order any kind of Equipments as audio visual equipment at the time of booking a meeting room, conference room, or presentation facility. These days, most meeting facilities are fitted with basic audio visual equipment as standard. However, there are always occasions when an extra flip chart, or overhead projector, […]

  • Event Management

    Event Management Feature (part of the ROOM MANAGER OLINE) helps you to plan events quickly and professionally. From department meetings to company celebrations or even big conferences and Workshops and Training sessions – with this solution, event planning becomes a pleasure for everyone. Event planning like Workshops, Seminars and Training Sessions, oOur event management module helps […]

  • Facility Reporting

    Knowing which rooms are being used and which are not is no longer guess work. ROOM MANAGER ONLINE provides a powerful dashboard that shows you how your rooms are being used. This is an effective tool for knowing when to expand and how to better utilize your office Analytics are built right into your ROOM […]

  • Invoicing

    The module grabs from the event details and generates a Word invoice based document on the room fee set in the room properties. We grab the room fee info, duration and description to populate the invoice. This is a first release, we will be adding some new features in near future. Equipment usage and Catering […]

  • Outlook Add In

      Quickly and easily schedule conference rooms, temporary offices, equipment, services, people and resources in Microsoft Outlook 2007, 2010 and 2013 with Room Manager’s unmatched Microsoft Outlook Integration. Microsoft Outlook is great for scheduling people, but not so great for scheduling rooms, av equipment, caterers and others. With oussr Microsoft Outlook Scheduling Software Add-In for ROOMMANAGER ONLINE, scheduling […]

  • Visitor Connect

    Make a great first impression to any visitor of your office. Visitor Connect is an separate module of ROOM MANAGER is a great way to welcome guests, allow them to check-in, and to notify employees and the organizer of any event that they are here to see. All of this is done from the beauty and […]

  • Visitor Management

    When making a reservation the meeting organizer can invite internal as well external users to the meeting event. For the external user simply the email address is added to the field. This way you can pre-register their visitors in advance through a simple mouse click. This means the visitor will receive an automatic invitation. This […]

  • Workspace Management

    For companies striving to cut costs by optimizing the use of their existing assets, tracking workspace utilization is critical. Workspace Management (hoteling) helps your Team to plan and book your shared workspace resources. “Alternative workspace (or workplace) management” refers to the process of ensuring that your mobile workers can quickly and efficiently reserve a workspace when they […]

  • Park Space Management

    Driving around and searching a parking space is one thing, but when it comes to business, the more time you or your visitors spend looking for a place to park is time (and stress) most of time. Our parking space management system allows you to book a parking space for yourself or your visitors quickly […]

  • Enterprise Keywords & Tags

    Administrators add enterprise keywords to resources on a SharePoint site so that end users can use the keywords for tagging and filter down the search results by using the tags. Enterprise keywords are a good way to capture some of the knowledge of the people who use the content. To make it easy for users […]

  • Room Utilization

    Simply finding a room or free space in which to hold each of your meetings and events doesn’t mean that you are using your space effectively. Optimizing room and space usage requires the right tools, such as: Whether you charge for the use of your rooms or not, “no shows” always have a cost associated […]