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  • Conference Room Displays

    And the best Feature of ROOM MANAGER Touch is, that no Mob App or any Software Needs to be installed, The Ios and Android based devices just connect to the live ROOM MANAGER Website by WIFI, thats all, the ROOM MANAGER site is responsive and fits and scales to the devices end users use. Some […]

  • Enterprise Keywords & Tags

    Administrators add enterprise keywords to resources on a SharePoint site so that end users can use the keywords for tagging and filter down the search results by using the tags. Enterprise keywords are a good way to capture some of the knowledge of the people who use the content. To make it easy for users […]

  • Mobile View & Access

    One of the best feature of ROOM MANAGER ONLINE Solution is, that no mobile or native app or any kind of Software or firmware must be installed on the mobile device itself. Yes, you got it… iOS or Android based mobile-smart devices just connect to the live ROOM MANAGER ONLINE website by WIFI.  

  • Room Scheduling & Booking

  • Parc Space Management

    Reserve spaces, not just rooms. Now users can book rooms invite visitors and reserve parc spaces knowing there won’t be a conflict, making it easy to get the most out of spaces.

  • Visitor Management Video

    Setup an Event or a Meeting and invite your external guests, partners and visitors by 1 click.

  • Workspace Management

  • Equipment Booking

  • Event Management Video