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  • We are a Swiss based Company close to Zurich.  ACAR Ltd was foundet 1999. Acar Ltd is a Microsoft Partner and IT Company, developing  solutions for SharePoint and Office 365.

    Product Portfolio

    • Room Manager for SharePoint and Office 365
    • Mazzum Idea & Innovation Management Solution for SharePoint and Office 365
    • Quiz Manager for SharePoint Office 365
    • Marketplace for SharePoint and Office 365
    • HelpDesk Solution Office 365
    • Event Management Solution Office 365
    • Car & Vehicle Management Office 365
    • Room Manager Outlook Add In (OAI)


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    It is great to work with ACAR, competent, fast and professional Management and Support.

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    more than 1000+ Installations worldwide

Our Core Values

    • Value Teamwork

      In almost every company or organization, teamwork plays a vital role in getting things accomplish

      How can we ensure a high-performing team? What causes a team to be dysfunctional?

      One key method to keep teams on track and motivated is constant communications between team members and the leader.


    • Lead by Example

      It is the role of the team leader or Project manager to extract as much information and opinion from the team as possible; and include the team members in key discussions.


    • Focus on the Future

      Finally, paying attention to individual team member skills, assigning accountabilities, the method of team planning, and a team charter in how they will work together are important factors. These should not be minimized in getting a team effort launched.

    • Be Respectful

      In closing, a significant challenge can serve to energize a team. Keeping the Team informed, along with regular performance feedback and rewards, can go a long way in keeping the team engaged and motivated


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